GHI Kenya


Board Members

Dr. Crispin Ndeda

Dr. Ndedda holds a Ph. D in Epidemiology with proven research and programming experience. Dr. Ndedda is a clinician and has offered preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative services for women and children across reproductive maternal newborn child and adolescent health along the entire continuum of care. He has worked at all levels of the Kenya Health system with more than 10 years at the department of family health where he was involved in the development of family health policies, guidelines, strategic plans as well as stakeholder coordination, budgeting and resource mobilization through proposal writing and advocacy. He served as the national newborn health focal person for five years before moving on to join Nutrition International.

He is also a competent trainer in a wide spectrum of family health high impact intervention packages including family planning, EmONC, CBMNH, ENC, ETAT+, Oxygen therapy, CPAP, INMCI, iCCM, BHCI, BFHI, IMYCF, IMAM, CMAM, Comprehensive school health packages, and WASH packages among others.

Since 2018, Dr. Ndedda has focused on public health and nutrition consultancy. The areas of focus include research, material development, training and capacity building and data analytics. His research competence includes expertise in the development of research protocols, qualitative and quantitative data collection tools, and training on various research methodologies including participatory methodologies such as PRA and RRA. Experienced in conducting Health facility assessments; formative, implementation and evaluation research applying rapid assessment methodologies including WHO 30 x 7; LQAS, LC-LQAS, Preparation of Maternal, Newborn, Child Health and Nutrition resource mobilization and research protocols. Skills in advanced epidemiology; advanced biostatistics; qualitative research methods; quantitative research methods; operations research; health economics, policy and planning; and computer skills. These are essential for facilitating evidence-based planning.

Another area of remarkable competency is material development. Dr. Ndedda has successfully undertaken many material development consultancies. Most recently, he developed the child including small and sick newborn quality of care standards, the paediatric indicator catalogue and core indicators and the health facility paediatric quality of care assessment tool. He also developed the Kangaroo Mother care Scale-up model for Kenya; The Kenya Pneumonia and Diarrhoea costed implementation plan 2022-2027; Modular IMAM training materials for Kenya; Training materials for community distribution of Sayana Press by Community Health Extension Workers; IMAM guidelines and modular training materials on IMAM; Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation framework for Medair Somalia and most recently supported adaptation and adoption of the WHO small and sick newborns quality of care standards for Kenya. Previously involved in the development and reviews of the Children’s Act in Kenya, the Immunization Policy, policies guidelines and training materials on Kangaroo Mother care, use of 7.1% Chlorhexidine Digluconate for cord care, initial adaptation and reviews of IMCI training modules, deworming in schools, School Health Policy guidelines, Infant and young child nutrition, BFHI and BFCI training materials, identification and referral of persons with disabilities and most recently management of COVID-19 in Children. Dr. Ndedda now wishes to delve into plenary health.