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Social, Clinical Research

GHI conducts social and clinical research, delivering highquality health care services, and building capacity of Heath care providers.

Electronic systems innovations

GHI is advancing health by developing online electronic systems Innovations designed to meet critical health targets and save lives.

Collaborations and Partnerships

GHI collaborates with local and international partners. Co-led by The University of Kansas Medical Center, GHI partners with new and existing partners both locally and internationally to deliver high quality health care services.

Global Health Innovations - Using technology to improve health is at the core of what we do at Global Health Innovations. In areas of low resource setting, this can be tough but not impossible. So, we put together the HITSystem."
“Sending reminders to mothers to improve health outcomes”

We are focused on utilizing existing technology and scalable processes

Our vision is to transform the global health landscape and ensure that everyone has access to the care they need, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized.







$1.4 Million

Estimated money saved by the HITSystem per year in Kenya by averting new infections and deaths.


Current Projects


HITSystem is an innovative healthcare software solution that aims to achieve complete prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission by improving PMTCT retention, Maternal HIV viral suppression, and HIV Exposed infants testing.


CATSystem is a cancer research electronic medical records system aimed at managing cervical cancer research data in Kenya. The CATSystem platform has been adapted by other organizations/institutions in Kenya and around the world to collect, store, analyze and report comprehensive data on a various types of cancer as well as to improve patient care and conduct cancer research

Financial Support can save lives

Global Health Innovations is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people around the world. Our mission is to provide access to quality healthcare services and innovative medical technologies to those who need it most. Your donation will help us continue our work and make a difference in the lives of millions of people. Together, we can create a healthier world for everyone.


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GHI Stories

A New life, a New Hope: Beatrice and David

We met Beatrice in Nairobi’s Mathare Slum in 2010, and she shared her incredible story with us. It was a story that sounded tragically familiar — but Beatrice gave us the chance to become a part of it and to change its ending for the better. In 2010, our GHI Team had witnessed our system o…

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A story of Courage and Hope

Emmy and her husband lived with their children in the South Rift Valley in Kenya. They were a lot like any other family; “Life was good,” Emmy says. One day, Emmy’s husband became sick, and one of her children, only three years old, grew sick too. Her young child lost his battle for life soon…

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