Anne Aloka

As a dedicated member of the Global Health Innovation Foundation Kenya (GHI), I’ve been privileged to work on a team that supports HIV pregnant women, children, and women of reproductive age. Our efforts are centered around health education, emphasizing the importance of adherence, disclosure, appointments, and family planning. One of our most significant achievements was implementing a monitoring system for Viral Load (VL). This not only motivated our patients to keep their appointments but also ensured we could track their progress and adjust treatments as necessary. We saw a decrease in mother-to-child transmissions and an increase in overall patient health. Working with GHI has been rewarding in many ways. I’ve grown in knowledge and skills, especially in handling delicate disclosure issues. I’ve also had the chance to interact with diverse clients, each with unique stories and struggles. But perhaps the most personal reward was being able to fund my father’s prostatectomy procedure, relieving him of a decade-long pain. This experience deepened my dedication to the work opportunity given to me by GHI. Looking forward, my hope is that GHI continues to impact lives positively. I believe that our collective effort will one day lead us to a solution for cancer, transforming the lives of patients worldwide with a permanent, affordable, and accessible solution. The journey may be long and arduous, but the potential impact keeps us going.