Caroline Oduor

My name is Caroline Atieno Oduor, a Research Assistant with Global Health Innovation Foundation Kenya (GHI). I have been with GHI for four months, and every day I am inspired by the resilience of the patients we serve. As a Luo woman, I’ve seen firsthand how HIV has ravaged our villages. This personal experience fuels my drive to help the remaining generation towards prevention. One instance that stands out in my work at GHI was when a lady walked into the Maternal and Child Health clinic with her daughter-in-law. They were in pain, and there were no nurses available to attend to them. As evening set in, they decided to sleep on the hospital benches, hoping to be attended to the following day. My colleague and I couldn’t ignore their plight. We made numerous phone calls, pleading with anyone who could come and help. Finally, a clinical officer agreed to attend to them, bringing hope and a smile back to their faces. That day, I went home satisfied, knowing that we had made a difference. I believe that empowering a woman is akin to empowering an entire community. My vision for GHI is that in ten years, we will have countless life-saving stories to tell in each community of this country. I hold onto the belief that when you save a woman and a child’s life, you save an entire community. I am proud to be part of this journey with GHI, making a positive impact one patient at a time.