Eddah Ongiri

My name is Eddah Ongirih and I have the privilege of working with Global Health Innovation Foundation Kenya. My role here is multifaceted, from screening and enrolling study participants to ensuring quality data collection and management. I am also involved in project planning, coordination, support and reporting. My journey with GHI was ignited by a passion to address gaps in the healthcare system through technology and innovation. I wanted to contribute to promoting equitable and improved health systems in Kenya and around the world. One moment that stands out in my memory is when we celebrated the HIV negative infants born to the PMTCT mothers we serve. The joy on the mothers’ faces was a testament to the impact of our work. It was a moment of triumph, not just for the mothers, but for us as well. Challenges are part and parcel of any journey. I recall a time when I had a disagreement with a CHS data personnel during a monthly data review meeting. I stood my ground, presented my opinion in a calm and fact-based manner, and eventually, they embraced our system for PMTCT services. Despite the challenges, what keeps me going is the vision of success in the healthcare system landscape through innovation and technology. The resilience and determination to navigate through challenging times also fuel my motivation. The journey is not easy, but the impact we create makes it all worthwhile.