Francisca Adhiambo

My journey with Global Health Innovation Foundation Kenya started with an interview and a site visit that opened my eyes to the critical need for tracking PMTCT (Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission) and HEI (HIV Exposed Infants) follow-ups. The inspiration was immediate and profound, and I knew then that I had found a purpose worth dedicating my life to. The online training courses offered by the organization have been instrumental in broadening my understanding of research ethics, which has greatly aided our studies. But the true game-changer has been the Hitsystem. This innovative tool has not only helped reduce home deliveries but also made us aware when a client has delivered, significantly improving our PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) collection time. Every day, we witness its impact on the lives of HIV pregnant women, children, and adolescents we work with. The reduction of HIV positive cases at Mtwapa SCH is a testament to the effectiveness of our efforts and the potential of the Hitsystem. But what keeps me going, what fuels my passion, is the possibility of achieving the goal of “Undetectable equals Untransmittable” for both mothers and their children. It’s a formidable challenge, no doubt, but one that I believe is within our reach. This belief, coupled with the tangible results we’ve seen so far, motivates me to continue serving these vulnerable groups and strive for a world where every child is born HIV-free.