Jael Tago

My name is Jael Tago and I am a proud team member of Global Health innovation Foundation Kenya (GHI). I joined GHI with a burning passion to contribute to the wellbeing of women, children, and adolescents affected by HIV. The opportunity to be part of the success stories, the triumphs over health challenges, was a call I couldn’t resist. I still vividly remember one instance that affirmed my decision to work with GHI. We managed to screen a woman for cervical cancer who was co-infected. Discovering her condition early and linking her to treatment was a significant milestone. It was a moment of realization – our work was directly impacting lives, giving them a fighting chance they might not have had otherwise. However, the journey has not been without its challenges. Language barriers with clients posed a significant obstacle in my early days at the facility. But with time, patience, and the unwavering support of my colleagues, I learned to adapt and communicate effectively. Looking ahead, I see a bright future with GHI. I envision a society where all eligible women are screened for cervical cancer, and if necessary, linked to treatment. I aspire to play my part in reducing deaths due to this preventable disease. My journey with GHI is more than just a job; it’s a mission, a calling, and a passion. And every day, I strive to make a difference, one life at a time.