Janice Kola

My name is Janice Akeyo Kola, and I work with the Global Health Innovation Foundation in Kenya. My journey here was fueled by a personal passion for improving the health and lives of women, children, and adolescents. I have walked through similar paths, and I understand their struggles. One of my most impactful experiences was with a new mother who had just tested positive for HIV. She had lost all hope, but I assured her that this was not the end, but a new beginning. I walked with her through her pregnancy and after the birth of her baby. We ensured that all vaccinations and HIV tests were carried out according to guidelines. The joy was immeasurable when, at 18 months, the baby tested HIV negative. What keeps me going during challenging times is the knowledge that a mother needs me each day. Sometimes, all they need is someone to listen, and I am there for them. I am motivated to put a smile on their faces, especially for those who haven’t had a reason to smile in a long time. Looking into the future, I see a great path ahead for GHI, especially in women’s reproductive health. The passion that the management has for the employees and the community’s health is inspiring. I envision a cancer-free and HIV-free generation, all thanks to GHI. The support they have given us, the workers and the community at large, is immeasurable. God bless GHI!