Nicodemus Maosa

My name is Maosa Oseko Nicodemus, a man with a background in Clinical Medicine and Surgery, and a sub-specialization in HIV/AIDS and Community Health. In May 2018, I made a life-changing career switch from HIV Programming to Research, joining the Global Health Innovation Foundation (GHI). This transition was fueled by my desire for change and my interest in how technology could solve some of the problems plaguing the healthcare sector in Kenya. At GHI, I took up the role of coordinating research and other program activities in the western Kenya region. My key responsibility was to lead and mentor a team of Research Assistants, fostering a spirit of teamwork and creating an environment that encouraged creative freedom. Despite the challenges, my resilience and positive energy helped me navigate through, becoming a better problem solver. One of our significant achievements at GHI was the successful implementation of the HIV infant tracking system -HITSystem and point-of-care early infant diagnosis -POC EID testing. This innovation ensured timely diagnosis of newborns at day one and real-time tracking of the PMTCT cascade. As a team leader, I instilled a culture of self-monitoring among my team, creating a conducive working environment that enhanced our operations. The trust placed in me by the organization empowered me to plan and execute work plans and schedules effectively. Moreover, I had the opportunity to participate in scientific conferences, presenting abstracts on significant topics like HIV drug resistance in children. Such experiences were once a dream, but my journey with GHI has made them a reality. Through all these experiences, my supervisor, PIs, study manager, and the entire GHI team have been instrumental in my growth and the impact we’ve made on our patients. Their leadership and mentorship have been invaluable, helping me deliver on our organizational goal and personal career growth. This journey with GHI has indeed brought equilibrium to my career.