Shadrack Babu

I am Shadrack Babu Kale, a dedicated Research Associate at Global Health Innovation Foundation Kenya. My journey here has been driven by my passion to create a thriving and supportive environment where others can develop and thrive. I work tirelessly to support coordination of research and programmatic activities at the regional level, engage and sensitize various stakeholders for smooth implementation of GHI programs, and conduct crucial data checks and reviews. But the heart of my work lies in the impact we make on our patients’ lives. A notable example is the implementation of the HITSystem project. This innovative initiative allowed us to start HIV-exposed babies on treatment and link those who turned HIV positive into life-saving ART care in record time. The joy of averting infant deaths and witnessing the positive turnaround in these young lives is beyond words. Looking ahead, I see a bright future with GHI as we continue to develop more life-saving health interventions for our Kenyan community. I aspire to further my education to enhance my skills and contribute more significantly to GHI’s growth and expansion. The satisfaction that comes from making a tangible difference in the community is what keeps me going. Every day at GHI is an opportunity to change a life, and that is the most rewarding experience I could ask for.